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How can I stay up-to-date on due dates, office hours, etc?

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What is the role of the Whitpain Township Tax Collector?

The Whitpain Township Tax Collector is elected for a 4-year term and is the liaison between taxpayers and the local taxing bodies. The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing and collecting of Whitpain homeowners’ real estate property taxes for the 3 taxing bodies: the Township, Montgomery County, and Wissahickon School District. The Tax Collector has no authority over taxing rates or deadlines, as those are set by the taxing bodies.

How do I pay my real estate taxes?

You can choose to pay online, through the mail, or in person. Click here for more information.

When can I expect my real estate tax bill?

Real estate tax bills are mailed at 2 different times throughout the year.
Township/County tax bills are mailed March 1st. These tax bills cover January 1st to December 31st.
Wissahickon School District tax bills are mailed July 1st. These tax bills cover July 1st to June 30th.

What happens if I don’t get my real estate tax bill or it went to the wrong address?

The law states that taxpayers are responsible for paying their real estate taxes even if they do not receive their tax bills.

If you do not receive a bill, please check that the mailing address for the property in question is correct by completing a property records search here.

If you need to change the mailing address please fill out  this form and send to the Montgomery County Board of Assessments.  You can call them at 610-278-3761 with any questions.  It would also be helpful to send a copy to [email protected].

Why did I receive a bill if my mortgage company pays it for me?

Real estate tax bills must be mailed to the property owner. Many mortgage companies request a copy of the bill from the tax office, but some require the taxpayer to provide the bill. It is the responsibility of the property owner to check with their mortgage company to make sure the bill was received and paid. Property owners should also monitor their monthly mortgage statements to make sure payment was made from their escrow account.

If I’ve misplaced my tax bill, how can I get a new one?

You can download a copy of your bill here.  If you have trouble, please email [email protected] for assistance.

When are taxes due?

Click here for a complete list of due dates.

How can I pay last year’s taxes?

This Tax Office can accept payment for only the current calendar year. Please email [email protected] or click here for more information.  You may also call the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau at 610-278-1216.

How do I find my property’s assessed value?

Complete a property records search here.

How can I learn more about property assessments?

Assessments are determined by the Montgomery County Board of Assessment Appeals. The taxing authorities use these assessments to determine the amount of real estate tax you owe. Click here for information about the assessment process and how to appeal an assessment.

How do I qualify for the Homestead/Farmstead tax reduction?

Click here for the Homestead/Farmstead application.
This program is available to homeowners who claim their Whitpain property as their primary residence. There are no age or income restrictions. The Board of Assessments will determine whether or not the property is eligible for a discount on Wissahickon School District real estate taxes.

The application must be received by the Board of Assessments by March 1st to qualify for a reduction in your school real estate taxes for that year. For more information, contact the Montgomery County Board of Assessments Office at 610-278-3761.

What is the PA Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program?

To learn more about this program offered by the state of Pennsylvania and how to apply, please visit the PA Department of Revenue here.  When filling out the application, you will need the County Code - 46 and the School District Code - 46930.  The Country Code is not required.

If your property is found eligible for the state program, you can also apply for the Wissahickon School District rebate program here.

What is an interim real estate tax bill?

If a property is reassessed at a higher amount, the homeowners will receive an interim bill that is separate from the annual county/township and school district tax bills. This interim bill will cover the additional taxes owed based on the increased assessment. This bill can be paid by mail or at the Whitpain Township Tax Collection Office.

Is there an installment plan to pay my taxes?

The Wissahickon School District real estate taxes may be paid in one lump sum OR in 3 installments.  The 3 installments equal the face amount on the bill.

If you would like to use the installment plan feature, simply pay the first installment by July 31st. The second installment is due before September 15th, and the third installment is due before October 31st.

There is no discount with the installment plan.

You can receive the 2% discount by paying the entire amount in one lump sum before August 31st.

The Township/County real estate tax bill does NOT have an installment plan and must be paid in one lump sum.

Who collects my earned income tax (EIT)?

The Whitpain Township Tax Collection Office does not collect earned income tax OR local services tax. Berkheimer collects this tax on behalf of the township and school district. All Whitpain Township residents with earned income must submit a Berkheimer Tax Return by April 15th each year. To learn more, call 610-599-3139 or click here for Berkheimer's website.  You can submit taxes online or download a printable form here.  The PSD Code for Whitpain is 462203.

There is also an annual Local Service Tax of $52.00.  If you earn less than $12,000 per year, you do not have to pay it and should complete a waiver.  Both the EIT and LST should be deducted from your paycheck by your employer.

Does Whitpain Township have any business taxes?

There is not a "Local Business Tax" or "Business Privilege Tax" in Whitpain Township.  Local businesses will need to work with Berkheimer to withhold income taxes from their employees' paychecks.

How do I learn more about my property's assessment?

The Montgomery County Board of Assessments can provide you with details about the assessment process and your specific property's assessment.  Please call 610-278-3761 or email [email protected]