Bills & Receipts

Bills & Receipts

You can download a copy of your original bill. If you’ve already made a payment, the download will include a "paid" stamp for your receipt.

You will use either your parcel number (ex. 66-00-12345-67-8) OR street address (ex. 123 Sample Rd) - do not include city/state/zip

Please allow 1-2 weeks after submitting payment for your bill to include a "paid" stamp for your receipt.
click to access bills and receipts

*These are copies of the original bills.  If the property has been sold to a new owner, it will not be reflected on these bills.

*This office can no longer accept payments on prior year bills.  Bills must be paid by the end of the calendar year.  Bills not paid get turned over to the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau, who issues a new bill and collects those payments.  Click here to access Tax Claim bills and receipts.  Delinquent tax bills from prior years that are downloaded from this website will not be marked as paid, even if the subsequent Tax Claim bill gets paid to the County.

If you need to look up your parcel number, you can do a Property Records Search by clicking here.

Please note this is NOT a CERTIFIED search and does NOT include interim bills.
If needed, you may order a Tax Certification online or by mail.
Please see the Tax Certification Page for instructions.